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Emergency @MaxHealthcare
Emergency Call
  • DELHI / NCR : 011 4055 4055
  • MOHALI : +91 172 665 2666
  • DEHRADUN : 0135 719 3333
  • BATHINDA : +91 164 660 1666
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Nutrition and Dietetics

People's nutritional state can protect or predispose them towards a chronic disease. Balanced nutrition is essential for good health, physical growth and development, as well to regulate the necessary body processes. The nutrition advice that healthcare specialists offer should be followed religiously for better recovery and good health. Medical treatment for several conditions like obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, renal dysfunction include diet therapy. Thus, nutrition is both a preventive and therapeutic science.

Nutrition is an integral part of treating and preventing different ailments. The unprecedented journey of maintaining good health begins by making healthy dietKết quả xổ số hôm nay tốt changes and frequent visits to a dietician. It is essential to get nutrition advice and a complete dietary analysis done to ensure that all the additional requirements are met.

For Outpatient Care, we offer services like Daily OPD, Bariatric Diet Clinic, Oncology Diet Clinic, Antenatal Diet Clinic, and PHP-Diet Clinic. On the other hand, for the Inpatient Care, Daily rounds are taken by Dieticians wherin,  nutritional screening and  assessment of all patients is done at the time of admission, and diet is planned  according to the therapeutic needs. All patients are advised diet consults as part of “Care of Plan” on discharge.   The department of Clinical Nutrition and dietetics has qualified professionals who aim at offering the best care possible.

Additionally, Max Institute of Nutrition and Dietetics also provides regular diet lectures and camps for corporates, communities, schools as well as Internship programs are conducted as part of medical education and training for professionals.

Consuming a balanced diet is important for both good health and wellbeing. The food that we consume provides the body with proteins, energy, vitamins, essential fats and minerals that help in proper functioning. Our body needs a variety of foods to provide it with the right amount of nutrients to maintain good health. A healthy diet makes for a healthy body and having a healthy body is one of the greatest pleasures of life. The nutrition advice given by a healthcare professional, when followed diligently can keep many diet-related diseases at bay.

Health conditions that can be easily recuperated through dietary changes include malnutrition, ante and  postnatal care, obesity and diabetes.

Diabetes – The most common treatment for diabetes includes controlling blood sugar through oral medication and dietary modification. We at Max Healthcare, have a specialized team of nutrition specialists who excel at offering diabetes care and nutrition advice.

Malnutrition – This condition often starts with fatigue, dizziness and weight loss and is majorly caused due to insufficient supply of nutrients to the body. Malnutrition is common problems especially after prolong illness and certain diseases like cancer and renal disease.

Obesity – This is another health condition that can be reversed by following the nutrition advice given by a dietitian. Though it is not a disease, it can be a starting point for many diseases. Health issues that can be caused due to obesity include sleep apnea, varicose veins, high blood pressure, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.


The purpose of renal diet is to maintain a balance of electrolytes, minerals and fluid in chronic renal patients. Diet modifications are required including limiting fluids, eating a moderate to normal protein, restricting salt, potassium, phosphorous and by getting ample calories to prevent malnutrition. Patients are being educated and served specialized renal diets which take into consideration the importance of proteins and electrolytes.


Enteral feeding via tube feeding is, today, the preferred way of feeding the critically ill patient and an important means of counteracting for the catabolic state induced by severe diseases. Commercial feeds and kitchen based feeds both are prepared in house in a separate section for feed preparation within the kitchen premises. Safe hand hygiene as well as personal hygiene measures is followed. All the feeds are planned as per therapeutic requirement under the  dietician’s  supervision.

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Geeta Buryok
Chief Clinical Nutritionist
ritika final - Max Hospital
Regional Head - South Zone
Ms Charu Dua (F&B) - Max Hospital
Head of the Department
Komal Malik
Head - Clinical Nutritionist
Somya Shrivastava
Head - Nutrition & Dietetics
Dr Manjiri_PSH_1 - Max Hospital
Consultant - Nutrition
Dr. Kamal Yadav
Consultant Dietetics

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